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Uh poop pants

2012-11-10 04:13:21 by Crabba22

Yeah wanted to get that boring crap off my front page, back in the day when i actually tried to do any work...guess ill just you know sit and watch flash movies all day.

Israel v. Palestine: WAKE THE F*CK UP!

2011-04-13 07:48:23 by Crabba22

well well, what am i doing here? Well if you are saying "its three in the morning, and you are probably working on a project due tomorrow," then you are right. Yes being in college does that to you. Don't judge hater got to catch up on that sleep and play that frisbee, don't have time to turn in assignments on time. Kidding i actually really like school hence my presence on this here blog. Anyway, so what am i going to spout about tonight, you may ask, movies? Games? Facebook? the lack of competency on this site? Nope, to all of your surprise ill be talking a more political view on my topic today. Yeah i know I'm probably just feeding the trolls and i'm pretty sure ill get more angry comments then actual understanding, but hey in the end i win because my message gets read in order to stir a response and i get the ad impressions so money in the bank! Well lets start shall we. recently i had to do a paper in my english class, finding a controversy that existed in the world, and then research enough to be able to give an informative 5-10 page message on said controversy. Knowing that i couldn't keep things simple i chose the controversy of Israel v. Palestine...WHAT! its a topic that i am fairly knowledgeable and interested in. Being part jew i saw that this was a great way to study up on a branch in my heritage. after the research was done with, I came to this conclusion, ISRAEL GOT THE SHORT STICK! I mean i knew that Israel had been dealing with things since the times of Abraham but i mean, come on, things just seem out of hand and they are getting squeezed from all angles. Just to start with the obvious, all the terrorist attacks. If you know anything about the middle east you know that Palestine which includes Egypt and Lebanon, Iran, and other Islamic countries have a knack for being responsible for attacks near the border and within the Israeli state. these attacks which are a response from varies extremist groups that refuse to acknowledge Israel as a jewish state. Don't you feel a little sense of stubbornness there? i mean, last time i checked Israel did go through the process of becoming a state, like establishing government, obtaining land, and declaring independence. I can already here the voice of an angry palestinian supporter saying that "Israel stole the land from the palestinians, WE ARE THE TRUE OWNERS GET OUT NOW!" Ok well damn don't need to yell. If you would calm down a bit to take a look at history you can see that Israel never actually stole anything. The land may have been occupied by Palestinians way back when there were Israelites walking in the desert, but in the end they obtained that land through wars and many struggles with the opposition. Last time i checked the "law of the land" was "to the victor goes the spoils." So Israel obtained its land by fair means, with a military force that surpassed the opposition. Apparently ancestors pass down more than secret recipes and traditions because even today, Palestinian extremists continue to support radical groups like Hamas, and Hezbollah. Still not convinced that Palestine ruthlessly out to get Israel? Take a good look at Hamas. Not sure what it is? You probably heard it on the news countless times, but to clarify think of it as a type of party, like how the U.S has political parties. Janurary 2006,Hamas swept the opposition for seats in the Palestinian Hall Council. That doesn't really help knowing that Hamas adamantly refuses the right for Israel to exist. Look at that for a second, do you really want neighbors that, even down to the government, all agree that you shouldn't be around? That is just unwanted pressure toward the Israeli government and its citizens.

So yeah terrorist attacking your town and just hating your overall existences is pretty bad...still not convinced...well have some more.

Imagine for a second that you are a jewish citizen in Israel. You just live in your home getting some work done while the rest of your family is doing other tasks. All of a sudden you here knocking on your door. As you walk over you are welcomed by the business end of an AK47. Your hands go up and three other masked men with guns push their way inside your home. Congratulations you are now apart of a hostage situation. There are only two endings to this scenario, you either get out of their with the help of the Israeli military that comes or they kill you. Countless times they usually just kill you, Why? because they saw your home as an excellent place to hide out from the authorities to plan their next plan of action. Sound unrealistic, doubt it. My friend who had the honor of serving his time in the Israeli army told me tales of how his platoon would go through and clear house to house eliminating any threat. After the dust settled you can find multiple stashes of weapons, some of them not belong to the terrorists. A lot of Israeli families have adapted to the violent and on the edge life style by keeping automatic weapons stored in their homes. Now I'm all for a little extra home protection but when you go down to having an uzi underneath your pillow, you know your sense of security is out the window. Is that any way to live? having to always be on your guard, you finger always on the trigger when you are cooking? Your hand on the at your hip while you walk down the street? Having the towering feeling that you are within artillery range from most Palestinian states? all that tension seems unnecessary. The people of Israel have every right to live with a sense of security and peace of mind.

So as you can see it seems pretty intense in Israel, car bombs, home invasions, waves of rocket strikes. I can say that Israel for it size is pretty tough. actually more than tough. a state which has so many attacks and aggressors has learned to adapt, resulting in a strong military. Their strength may not be from sheer numbers, on the contrary some professional military opinion will say that Israel was outnumbered and would not last long against its past enemies. however, they still stand. their leadership impeccable, and the power and dedication of the individual solider surpasses any prediction of numbers. Heck its worked for them i mean they still fight to live peacefully on their land.

So what to do now...well you heard me just go off on how Israel gets battered, and through it all still manages to kick ass. now you may be saying "pssh i don't really care" well if your ears were closed throughout this entire rant let me rip them open HEY DO ME A FAVOR AND LISTEN, ISRAEL HAS GONE THROUGH SO MUCH AND PREVAILED THROUGH IT ALL TO BE OVERLOOKED! why don't you take all the information i just gave you to do something productive.

well thats it editing tomorrow so i can polish this up!

Israel v. Palestine: WAKE THE F*CK UP!

Something to say

2010-04-23 17:23:32 by Crabba22




Prom, what will i see?

2010-04-17 21:22:58 by Crabba22

the simple moments are those that should be cherished. id rather remember the slow dance with a beautiful girl then the insane and dramatic limo drive over there. with prom season, undoubtly comes drama, it is unaviodable, there are those who fight, those who go off to partake in perverse activities, tensions run high, earrings come off, people become inebreated, cops are notified, boyfriends wonder what the hell? girlfriends find their perfect prom taken from thier grasp. yes a night to remember i say. why remember all those things, keep it simple, too much booze may tip the scales, too many friends in your limo may turn a lovely evening into a dramtic soap opera. choice is key. by all means if your scene is to go with crowds, sneak in the rolling rock, and remove articles of clothing, by all means do so. who is going to stop you?

i sit here wondering how my night will progress, dances and i havn't been on the greatest terms. ok we have been on the most terrible terms ever. who i am and what i do, however, make it clear it will not be a dull night. i forsee my fair share of mischief. witnessing many things some of which you wish you never seen. hey why not, a tuxedo fight will look kinda cool.

ah contradiction after contradiction, when will my mind simple decide that you can't have two. in a world of absolutes, lines are drawn and sides are posted.

"my dear... of course i will dance with you, it will be my honor" i imagine some more how my night will go. then i double back, " why do i sound so formal? and who am i kidding, with my luck it will most likely be me who will be asking the girl, only to result in an awkward dance of two step."

its exciting to see all the talk and all the sceming that goes on for such a miniscule event. the lies, the betrayel. i assure you, if one were so inclined to observe for such things, they will surely find them. just another night of nights.

so tell me do you really want to go in that limo, deal with so and so's complaining and then wait to sit at some fancy place? why not come away with me, we'll grab some burgers, slurpees, maybe ice creams your deal, we'll sit on a bench, in full formal dress, talk of other things, make up stories, people watch, give change to a bum. who says prom has to be so formal and formulaic? a night sitting next to you would suffice, id remember it always. our paths will branch off, after graduation, these things happen, but ill remeber you, the girl who decide to humor an odd boy out of his mind trying to think such a beautiful girl will want to go on such a venture with him. ill remember it well, and then ill wish my life were simpler, not in the normal sense, but simply built of the little moments in time, where you smile, and wonder, if this is why god created us

formal dress, tuxedo, corsages. such a formal world, only for one night. you made the effort to look nice, who said that your formality needs to consume you? yes curtousy and politeness is a given, but why not live and do something out of the ordinary? look back and when they asked you what you did the rest of the night, smile and say, " i had an ice cream cone, sitting on a bench in the park with a girl who had quite the personality and we simple talked the night away, that is untill we saw the slide and the swings."

as i read over my words, i am saddend that as much as i would imagine a wonderful evening with such a girl, my circumstance pervent such a thing, without a date i venture this evening, many girls at prom most likely targeting specific people and desires. my chances to meet such a woman with the audacity to tolerate my odd ways and find joy in a simple evening, well, as i said, dances and me don't see eye to eye.

being a pessimist won't help me will it though. i know that, and any one who was crazy enought to here my blathering, would say so too.

it is a most eventuful evening, i think what makes the perfect prom, is the one where you go in to simple have a good time. no alterer motives, no scemes, no nothing. go in eyes closed, scedule thrown out the window. go through your night not expecting anything, enjoy the music the dancing, the companionship and togetherness of your friends. enjoy the mystery of not knowing wat will happen.

Throw on your jacket, straighten the tie, pick the girl up. after an hour wait, of pictures meet ups and last minute preperations walk arm in arm and step out the door, may your night be filled with safe, fun, legal, and adventurous times.

Avatar survey

2010-02-07 21:36:26 by Crabba22

doing a project for school

finding out wheter or not watching avatar changes your views on the enviorment or foiregn oil policies

go here to take the survey only 4 question thanks.

feel free to comment on my page about it.

Trying once again

2010-01-11 09:36:30 by Crabba22

so I'm reattempting to start up my blog again. i guess im doing it for my own benefit cause i need practice with my writing, even if it is informal. so going back to school isn't that great, i feel like its just this cold empty arena, almost silent hill feeling. i feel that if i walk down some dark corridor I'm gonna have to fight one of those weird faceless nurses. but its good to be back...i guess, someone can take so much of a boring vacation. so I'm sitting in my journalism class, my teacher is on maternity leave and I'm pretty sure she's busy giving birth. we got our permanent substitute today, and I'm pretty sure i should be doing work. my job is to design the web site. After designing the first three pages and multiple failed attempts at publishing them, i have come to the conclusion...FREELANCE WEB DESIGN SUCKS! Now don't get me wrong, if freelance sounds like an easy job if you know what your doing, plus you can screw people over and name your price, plus again, if people want changes you can ask for more money cause tiny changes equals a lot of code changes. So here's m logic on the sucky part of freelance. see you have to deal with douchebag people that just want bizarre crap, that either doesn't make sense or its technologically impossible. I think people , regular people, think that anything is possible when it comes to design. this may be true but it all depends on the person designing it....if you want explosions and a crap loud of flash animations, then your gonna have to give me more money and more server space, cause then your sites gonna crash with all that crap.

alright straying from that topic...

I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately, I've caught myself singing old familiar theme songs and playing old retro games. I've been as of lately wanting to play old Sega games, and there's something about just playing it on the original Sega genesis, but for now I'm stuck using emulators.

Another thing I've noticed, i have been really late with all those famous viral songs and videos.
i recently saw a compilation that incorporated a bunch of viral "memes" it was hilarious incorporating, a rick roll, ultimate showdown, chocolate rain, you are a pirate, etc. i was ashamed looking at some of these references and not getting them. i mean I'm mostly on the computer so i should know right. guess i need to log more hours in.

and that brings me to my last thought. i know there are a lot of people like me, people who log multiple hours on the computer roaming popular media and entertainment sites searching for something funny, whether it be youtube, newgrounds, albinoblacksheep, etc. see if someone has accumulated a certain amount of hours, you should be able to incorporate this "skill" into some sort of job, a job that pays to roam the internet and make note to "gems" you can get paid by the hour, but you get more cash for "gems" you find.

well that's it I'm all typed out... not much demonstration of my writing skills cause i just kinda went off on a rant there, but anyway, i needed to write something, guess i should look for another way to practice my writing, but for no i guess i could start this up again.

Peace AP


2009-12-25 21:35:16 by Crabba22

i got an angry clock t-shirt, so im pretty content.

merry christmas newgrounds, may your users show some intelligence in this joyous and miraclous season!

RAndom Post

2009-11-16 13:21:31 by Crabba22

This a a News post

saying whatever the hell i want...

i can complain

i can blog

i could jsut spam

then i would get banned

This is for you 6th Hour

here are the links and stuff


Dear Newgrounds!

2009-11-15 23:04:39 by Crabba22

in school i had to do a community project.

basically i had to profile a community

i chose to do newgrounds...

put a bunch of awesome pics in it...

ill post the grade and a picture of it later.

im probably gonna get a c cause my teacher decide to grade balls hard this year.

wish me luck newgrounds or not...i mean its newgrounds what am i expecting...

im expecting people to still be doucehbags and people to submit crap and have hidden gems to be posted on the front page to keep me from going insane



Just a regular post...

2009-11-04 15:47:32 by Crabba22

Well... its not really mind implosion...and i apologize for not doing anyone really cared or not. but so much has been going on so i decided to come out of hiding and talk with the internet. so Halloween was fun i guess...lot of volunteering and it was fun actually, was hanging with this group of black people. so we went door to door to collecting canned food for the food bank. got some cans and some candy, and we felt bad so we donated some of the candy to the food bank. and my friend says dude we can't donate candy to the hobos they can't chew it.
then i say well it is kinda like morphine for them!

later the night consisted of the over use of the "n" word..

i tell you my friend who is black...we is not really blackity black...but once the moon was full and it rose out of the fog it was just n word this and n word that.

then i had to go volunteer at this carnival. it was huge! lot of people and all i had to do was sell water, i got pizza ad free snow cones and cotton candy whenever i wanted.

i believe it was a sweet deal... i got volunteer hours and i got alot of free treats!

later i went to a party at a friends house...yeah it was pretty crazy...not really my cup of tea. there was smoking and vodka...yeah no one was drunk but i would have busted a cap if anyone started to drink.

i had this idea to leave with a bang... like the minute that someone said " lets get the vodka out and get shit based!" i would be like "sure ill pour us all the drinks!"

then i would grab the bottle...then run out of the house and start pouring the vodka out in the street!


so the party was fun...especially when i started playing DDR...very eventful

met this girl...well i really didn't meet her...i found out who she was...and then introduced myself at the end of the party. she rode with us when i went home...i proceed to get everyone in the backseat's number which included not gonna lie...she was very attractive.

so i say it was an eventful evening...and it has been like four days since the party and i have started talking to this mystery girl (not really mystery girl i know her name and stuff) ... she sounds really cool, and smart, and humble, and outgoing, i could go on but then it would be really weird. lets just say that she has many excellent qualities.

other than has been fine...been wasting time in the journalism room playing games and getting my news packs its really chill in here...a good escape from idiots in the lunch room starting fights because someone did not want to join someone's dance crew...IDIOTS!

so the story is i most likely won't do another edition of Mind Implosion unless you know special occasions...if anything my next entries will be like this talking about whats going on...i mean i dont really need to do this anymore...i started my podcast...and we are going to be live....if you wanna get any episodes or updates on our show, Unconventional Nonsense Radio, go to for any updates and links to get episode MP3's

i will tell you this we will be live on stickam Friday...or Saturday...

you can chat with us etc...hope you can come out to join us for some random comedy!

Peace to all