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MIND IMPLOSION: Lets Watch Democracy Happen!

2009-09-16 22:36:03 by Crabba22

Once agian you come to your computer to read a blog entry in hopes to get your brains imploded!

Another edition of Mind Implosion coming your way

So let me tell you whats going is slowly getting complicated and i owe it all to the female were never meant to fully understand women and women are never meant to fully understand men. so im having girl troubles and life all of a sudden gets a little more hectic.

but thats not my topic so i won't bore you any further.


so i decide to tag along with my dad to attend a city council meeting. The discussion was revisiting the vote to remove the public transportation service to and from the metropolitan area. now this bus helps alot and brings people like my dad to work without having to spend so much freakin money on gas. plus if my dad takes the bus that means i get the i don't have to take the crappy busses and have to deal with loud mouth sophmore juniors talk about retarded crap. they get so freakin loud sometimes it jsut really drives me to go and just pwn them repeatedly, with a SPOON!

so im at this meeting taking notes so i can get some points for my journalism class and be able to have a story to write. the meeting starts and its all professional and stuff. people came up to speak the works. i do remeber this one guy came up to talk...his name was mister Peace. all i remeber is that he had a cool African accent and i was all "this guys is cool"

So moving on..i start to look at the council members...and then i remember, one of the council members is the father of this weird mormon kid in sohpmore year. apparently he graduated as a sohpmore in high school and i think he is in college. i think he said it had to do with that his dad was a council member and they found some loophole...watever you want to go to colege as a high school sohpmore...let me tell you...your missing out on prom and graduating with your friends and most of all you missed out on your high school senior year.. Good job MORON! but the good part was that he had less schooling and less schooling sounds pretty good to me.

so then this guys starts opposing every comment and he is so close to voting no on the proposition. im like whispering to my dad

" if they all vote no i will freaking get up all calming and just rais my hands in up roar and yell ANARCHY! and rip my shirt open to reveal a painted on anarchy symbol magically on there, then i would proceed to flip tables and smash computers and punch each council member in the face."

just as a reminder i do not support anarchy as i beleive that it is a failed movement that will fail every time that it is every applied. the reason i cam up with this is because i was falling asleep and i was really tired.

SO in the end the council voted yes and we had the bus service for 6 more months. on e of the council members said that all the local transit companies should pay attention or else they would look like fools later.

at this point i thought that when he said this i would slowly get up and be all " council member...its just me..." and with a mexican accent be all " i use red scooter and i have a get in the box...i take you to city...5 dollar." i was craking up inside.

SO after they voted yes everyone later was talking about

"Oh you just witnessed democracy happen."

really? i jsut saw some people try to convince a group of elders in vain to make there point the council voted yes out of pity. but i might be missing something"

so yeah i guess i did witness democracy just good for me.

but wat if the outcome came out bad...wat if the council voted no.

i thought about this and then i tell my dad

"if they had voted no..while everyone was all griping, i would get up in and abrupt up roar and yell ANARCHY!, rip my shirt and jump through the window and run into the night!"

my dad laughed...

"or even better i get up yell ANARCHY and i pull my shirt over my head and be all I AM CORNHOLIO! and then go beserk and flip tables and crush chairs and then jump out the window?"

My dad laughed a bit harder gving one of those old people out of breath laughs.

"Or even WAY better...i yell ANARCHY!, pull my shirt like Cornholio and then runn full force at the window and jump through it but...i don't break the glass? you just hear a thud and i get knocked out and everyone gasps?

At this point my dad was laughing histerically and i swear i saw a little laugh tear.

what ended the trip for me was that i met this lady that looked and sounded like the female version of cheech from cheech and chong. could of been his wife man.

So HOORAY! for democracy, i love it and it feels good to do watever you want in Amurica!
to an extent anyway...

so we learned that democracy is great and that Cornholio outbursts are hilarious, and Anarchy fails everytime...but it is fun to yell during a council meeting everytime you hear something unfavorable.

There you have it, your Mind Implosion for the day...i really think i should be doing this every other day...ill try to do one everyday but most likely i wont due to the amount of work i get in school

Have a wicked sweet time



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