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Mind Implosion: 9/11

2009-09-11 18:35:54 by Crabba22

So i wasn't able to do a post the other day i had so much stuff to do. i went to get my gradutation things purcahsed etc. and now there is a game today. i dont really care about that but what ever... so apparently i am gonna get "hooked up" so we will see how that works out and stuff.

so we all know what today is

three years ago a bunch of extremist arabs hijacked a plane and destroyed the twin towers in New York killing a butt load of people.

we never know the works.

now on this day of rememberance...what do we do?

now let me tell you personally what happend today.
NO one really talked about it. I actually had to remind some people that today was 9/11
NOw im thinking some people will say that it is jsut another day. and these people are totally wrong. a tragic event happened on American Soil...stuff like that doesn't happen everyday. So i acutally suggest that we get today off from school in order to mourn properly.

but like that is gonna many holidays in between. labor day thn 9/11 day??? yeah that wouldn't work

my sencierest condolencess to the ones who actually loss anyone to that horrible incident.

we all remeber what we did on that with every tragedy that happens we all member what we were doing at that time...

so my personal story of what i did on 9/11 on that fateful monumental morning.

i had stayed home from school cause i was sick or something...then the news jsut starts blaring and freakin Terrorist etc....

i had no idea what was going on..then it sunk in. i was like holy crap...WHY?

then my mom starts to have a mini freak out cause my dad needs to go through the twin towers to get to work. Thats when i freak out too.

luckly my dad was able to get to a safe distance when all the things unfolded. when he got home his shoes were really dusty and he had his handkerchief around his mouth.

apparently he was late for work, so he was barely entering the twin towers building when he felt like a shake and smelled gasoline...he immdiately ran outside and saw the second plane form the side of the building...he just booked after that..he ran until it was safe and then proceded to find a pay phone to contact us. he siad that the streets were very hectic and that sirens were balring more loudly than usual.

that day alot of people died.

no questions asked.

what really annoys me are those people who start making up conspiracy theories about that we could have prevented all this etc.
seriously do me a favor and just STFU. those people still died and we can't change the out come by jsut making speculations and theories. all that is, is looking for a scapegoat

maybe one day conspiracy theorist will be considered smart.

so to pay my respects today i planned on praying at the flag pole. the problem was my school doesn't have one. well theres one on the football feild but i can't be there in the morning,one in the fornt of the school but that is off campus,and one in campus with no flag on it. so instead i just silently prayed for the lives of everyone here for the ones who have the privage of bbeing alive today and i prayed for the ones who did lose their lives today that they might find peace.

i suggest you go pay your respects too, its our duty, as americans.(if you don't your probably commie or a terrorist or you jsut don't mourn over public losses) so go pray or visit ground zero. light a candle have a moment of silence or something. but i rarely think that wearing red white and blue are gonna pay tribute to those people...sounds like pay tribute to america...which is ok but the focus should be on those lost on this day.

so give thanks that you still have the gift of breath and pay tribute.

God bless.

thanks for topic...idk

i really don't think a video will be very apropriate right now...we already saw it happen and we are probably gonna see it a bunch of times from the insensitive news channels. video


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